Hall of Fame

The Disney Challenge would like to recognize these team who worked hard and took home 1st place.  May they be an example and an inspiration to all future competitors.  One day, you may be eternalized on this webpage.

2017 Mini Disney Challenge Champions:

Frank n’ Weenies (with 237 out of a possible 363 total)

Stephanie Kelly (2 Master Points)

Frank Berumen (2 Master Points)

Missy Manlove (2 Master Points)

2017 Disney Challenge: “The Return Of The…” Champions:

X-S Tech (with 411 out of a possible 547 total)

Chris Metzger (2 Master Points)

Tommy Metzger (2 Master Points)

Maureen McLandrich (2 Master Points)

Joe Stevano (2 Master Points)

Helga Bergthold (2 Master Points)

2016 Mini Disney Challenge Champions:

The TinkerBelles (with 248 out of a possible 320 total)

Julie McCormick (1 Master Point)

Kelly Parker (1 Master Point)

Shirlene Love (1 Master Point)

Cindy Widitora (1 Master Point)

Melissa Dimick (1 Master Point)

2016 Disney Challenge Champions:

Star Tourists (with 351 out of a possible 556 total)

Nikki Llido (4 Master Points)

Pia Bueno (2 Master Points)

Jackie Rivera (2 Master Points)

Douglas Martinez (2 Master Points)

2015 “Minnie” Disney Challenge Champions:

Frank n’ Weenies (with 227 out of a possible 330 total)

Stephanie Kelly (1 Master Point)

Frank Berumen (1 Master Point)

Missy Manlove (1 Master Point)

Hollie Benincosa (1 Master Point)

2015 Disney Challenge Champions:

The Laughing Hyenas (with 388 out of a possible 520 total)

Rick Kraut (6 Master Points)

Lindsey Kraut (6 Master Points)

Michelle Kraut (6 Master Points)

Karen Kraut (6 Master Points)

John Fink (2 Master Points)

2014 Disney Challenge Champions:

The Laughing Hyenas (with 381 out of a possible 515 total)

Rick Kraut (4 Master Points)

Lindsey Acquazzino (4 Master Points)

Michelle Kraut (4 Master Points)

Karen Kraut (4 Master Points)

2013 Disney Challenge Champions:

The Enchanted Tikis (with 373 out of a possible 526 total)

Donald Beckerman (2 Master Points)

Marie Beckerman (2 Master Points)

Nikki Llido (2 Master Points)

Kimberly Vuoso (2 Master Points)

Kristen Vuoso (2 Master Points)

2012 Disney Challenge Champions:

M3 All Stars (with 310 out of a possible 454 total)

Craig Kawamoto (4 Master Points)

Jeremiah Good (4 Master Points)

Jonelle Luke (2 Master Points)

Scott Terek (2 Master Points)

2011 Disney Challenge Champions:

The Laughing Hyenas (With 339 points out of a possible 508 total)

Richard Kraut (2 Master Points)

Lindsey Acquazzino (2 Master Points)

Michelle Kraut (2 Master Points)

Karen Kraut (2 Master Points)

2010 Disney Challenge Champions:

M3 All Stars (With 275 points out of a possible 483 total)

Craig Kawamoto (2 Master Points)

Kimberly Kisling (2 Master Points)

Becky Murphy (2 Master Points)

Jeremiah Good (2 Master Points)

Sally Schanding (2 Master Points)

2009 Disney Challenge Champions:

Monsketeers (With 298 points out of a possible 482 total)

Stephen Daly (2 Master Points)

Brian Naggles (2 Master Points)

Renata Bastos (2 Master Points)

2002 Disney Challenge Champions:

Park Pack (With 276 points out of a possible 458 total)

Nathan Coapstick

Angeline Coapstick

Chris Hall

Danna Coapstick

2001 Disney Challenge Champions:

Trigger Happy  (With 308 points out of a possible 430 total)

Justin Wisniewski

Sarah Keene

Tom Schuyler

Tyler Giglio