The 2017 Mini Disney Challenge Review

November 5th, 2017. 13 Teams arrived to test their skills in answering questions, figuring out puzzles, and…Skeeball? That’s right…The 2017 Mini Disney Challenge took place in Downtown Disney this past Sunday, and our teams were treated to an action packed Challenge. Let’s break it down:

A few minutes before noon, all teams were handed their packets. They were encouraged to start on the Finish Line Puzzle and Bonus Challenge first.


At noon, most team captains (who read their Team Captain Email), ran to find Lindsey who had a second Bonus Challenge to give them.

Teams spent the afternoon answering questions and capturing photos and videos of various items like a Live Bird, a Squirrel, an Uber or Lyft Sticker, and even a brick with an Event Crew Member’s name on it. Some even scored some extra points by doing the second “Bonus” Photo Challenge.

At 2:00pm, those teams who figured out the first Bonus Challenge puzzle (which led teams to a password protected “Bonus” section of the website advertising our First Ever Skeeball Invitational), started showing up to the second floor of the ESPN Zone to challenge themselves to a one shot, winner takes all Skeeball competition. The Reluctant Dragons won the tournament with 29,000 points (and scored themselves an additional 20 Bonus Points to be counted toward the Challenge.)



At 4:00pm, all teams made it (somewhat unscathed) to the Finish Line at White Water Snacks to turn in their completed packets and take a much deserved break.



At 6:00pm, everyone met back at the Picnic Area, and we announced the winners, gave out bonus prizes for the Skeeball Invitational, and spoke of future challenges.




We (The Event Crew) had such a blast, and we wanted to thank everyone who came out and played The 2017 Mini Disney Challenge.

You can review the results, and see the Answer Key right here.

~Written by Dave Mancini – Event Crew Member

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